4v4 TMM slot assignment

I've come to notice I'm getting the same spot a lot when playing 4v4 TMM. I also frequently am the highest rated player in my team, so I'm wondering, does it automatically put the highest rated players in slots 1 and 2 (usually air spots)?
If so, it would be cool if this could be randomized (but still mirrored ofc) because it would give people a more varied experience of gameplay

Or maybe I'm just unlucky...

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I think you’re just getting unlucky. The code already randomized the spots regardless of which matchmaker you’re playing. Here’s the exact line where it happens:


Ah ok, thank you !

profile picture credits to petric

too much chonk

The embodiment of depression...

This is a conspiracy

The real conspiracy is me getting yellow 50% of the time

@thewheelie What do you know about real conspiracy... I`m getting always aeon on random. Even in TMM