3D models of the characters

Hi everyone,
does someone know of any 3d models of ingame characters? I found this online: https://artbot.cgsociety.org/0dqn/brackmans-office-wit
The artist claims in the description that he got the 3d model of dostya from somewhere. It's from 2007 though 😞

Do I want to know what you'll be using them for?

please don't make fortnite dancing dostya

@aulex aaaahm, cannot promise anything

futa aeon com mistress cat dolls for everone?

wasnt there this guy (beteigeuse or something like this) who 3d printed the coms and the monkeylord. Maybe he got

EDIT: ahh lol you mean the actual character, not the war machines.

Maybe pls make a fortnite dancing dostya or something like this? =P