CPU change from 220 to 360

Hey guys, one mounth ago i was play FAF in my "old" desktop and cpu was always arround 220 speed, and then after i did one test in lobby of game the result was 350 😕

well i tried to upgrade my drivers, grafics, cleaning junk and search a little on google but cant fix it

now i play with my lap top that counts arroud 250 but i know the game works way better on my gaming desktop
any suggestion??

What is your hardware on the desktop?

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AMD FX 6300 Six core
8 gb Ram
Nvidia gtx760

the odd thing is to raise from 220 to 350

Oh, it's not. There's no way that CPU deserved that kind of CPU rating, even in old benchmark.

Laptop ratings are completely wrong as well. On my old laptop i always had a cpu score of +-220 but i was always 1 or 2 simspeeds lower than others