2021 1v1 Tournament Stats


Happy holidays! 2021 was a year of records for competitive FAF. There was a record number of 10 1v1 tournaments with prize money, up from 5! A record of 20 players received prizes in 2021, up from 18 last year. A record total prize pool total of $3958.06, up from $3297.01 in 2020! A record amount earned by any player in one year, Tagada with $1038.73, up from Nexus with $905 in 2020!

This year’s tournaments bring the total FAF tournament prize winnings to $13846.22. 56% or $7803.25 is from the Legend of the Stars World Championships and 19% or $2612.06 is from the Seasonal Invitationals.

The highest earning players this year are Tagada with $1038.73 across 6 tournaments, Nexus with $870 across 5 tournaments, and TURBO2 with $335 across 3 tournaments.

1v1 tournaments continue to have steady growth as the decline in the LotS prize pool was more than made up for with significant growth in the Seasonal Invitationals prize pools and other tournaments.

Earnings by Year

There were 4 new players added to my dataset this year bringing the total number of tracked players to 47 with two "new" players, Tex and Yudi, passed $100 in winnings. This graph shows the cumulative earnings of every player with >$100 in winnings.

Earnings by Player

I have graphed the rankings of players based on their cumulative 1v1 tournament earnings over time. Players first appear on the graph in the year where they exceed $100 in relevant winnings. Often a player will win some money in a year, but they will end up going down in the ranking as other players surpassed them. For example, Adjux has won prize money in almost every year since 2014, and his ranking has fluctuated between 2nd and 5th.

Player Rankings by Year

Competitive 1v1 Tournaments with prize pools in 2021:

  • 2021 Spring Invitational
  • 1v1 Mapgen Tournament
  • 2021 April League Invitational
  • 2021 June League Invitational
  • 2021 Summer Invitational
  • King of Crazyrush
  • 2021 August League Invitational
  • 2021 October League Invitational
  • 2021 Fall Invitational
  • 2021 Legend of the Stars World Championship

For the purposes of this post a “1v1 competitive tournament” is a 1v1 FAF tournament that is open to top players. This excludes showmatches, team game tournaments, modded tournaments, and tournaments restricted to low rated players.

See my previous post for more information. If anyone wants the dataset, feel free to message me on discord.