Match cancelled due to lack of response from other player

Recently ive been encountering it alot. This time it happened right in the middle of a game on 3rd minute. Supreme commander just closed and poped witndow that sad what is written in the title and ofc the game result was loss.

Was it a matchmaker game?

When a player takes too long to respond to launch the game after a match message then the server sends a match cancelled message. The client then closes the game because that message means the game never started so you would be stuck in setting up auto match forever. If it closed a running game that might mean a cancellation message was sent when it shouldn't have been

@sheikah yes

Yea need logs. 3rd minute seems really weird… the timeout should be shorter than that. Was it ladder or 2v2? Please give as much detail as possible. What is the replay id?

@sheikah it closed already up and running game. We played like 3 minutes.

@askaholic Me and my few friends had such things in a 2v2 and 1v1 queues.

The game ids were
for 2v2:
for 1v1:

Thanks. I’ll try to get access to some server logs and see if there’s anything suspicious in there for those games. Maybe a client.log could help as well? @Sheikah

Maybe although only if they had debug logging on to track the server messages as well. But wouldn't hurt

What happened is that an earlier game failed to launch, but then for some reason the match cancelled message didn't get sent out until like 10 minutes later when the second game had started already. I have no idea how that happened at the moment, but I'll try to figure it out because that really should not be possible.

Thanks for reporting the bug!