RCIV - Spacenet ~ 3v3 ~ $1,200

@willywankernoob said in Rainbow Cup IV ~ 3 v 3 ~ $1.2K:

i guess plus 200 points in faf make you a god.

You and banani both being 200 rating higher basically means there is a 70% chance both of you beat your old selves, it’s nearly a full standard deviation improvement and it’s why both of you moved from being like middle potential picks to both being potential captains.

There was some spirited back and forth on the "invite" clause,
But it appears All has been smoothed over for the better.
Thanks for understanding.

I dont know what this tourney is, but sign me up anyway

Crushing noobs and squeezing boobs since 2012

sign me up 1900/1900

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Singing up 1750 2v2, 1700 Global

Do you know the Muffin Man?

HuggyWuggy sign up (1400 global/1200 ladder)

sgin me up! please 🙂

RowanMorseYT 1800 global 1838 2v2 sign me up please!

Signing up (humble 1300)

I'll sign up, 1850 global.

Welcome back WoundedElkNoob,
our returning Rainbow Cup III Champion team Captain
The designer of this years cool looking Avatar.

Thanks for registering!

Signing up (1400 global, 1600 2v2)

Also signing up (humble 1300)

If I'm not needed or wanted it's fine, just thought tourneys would be cool

Signing up (1589 1vs1). I can be a reserve if need be.

signing up


Thanks for signing up, and for those who do not get picked in the draft rounds,
there are always no shows on tournament day.
And teams are free to pick substitutes from the remaining draft pool.
Last year we had 6 players substitute on the first day of tourny.
Just be 'available' on Saturday at tourny start,
and there is good chance you can fill in for a late player
or take their place.
Good Luck

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Here is the Game 2 map for Matches 1-4,
This replaces last years Game 2 map which was Turtle Beach.
which was also played as the Finals game #2.
The Game on right was 4:49 into The Final Game of last years RCIII.


This map is similar in that the AI is in the back slot,
but it will be harder to rush the base this time.
Players have a choice of 5 spawns.

Sign Up below Now, If you want to pick one of the 5 start locations!

Not sure if I will be able to play but signing up

Sign me up
NOVA795 - 1600(global), 1200(ladder).