Rotating Factory Schematics

I guys, ive come up with another crazy idea.

Would it be possible to add the ability to rotate factory schematics 90 180 and 270 degrees before starting to build.

I think this would save some issues with pathfinding and issues like naval units being stuck if they get buit to close to land or other units just having a hard time leaving the factory in some directions.

What do you think?

Based on the existence of rotated factories in the game (placed for story missions and placed as civilian structures) it should be possible.

But adding complexity to the game doesn't necessarily make the game better, so I'm against it.

I like what prota did, units can just go up through the building now

It is not possible in an intuitive manner, e.g., when you pick your build location. We'd need to allow a manual toggle for this during construction. And because of that I am against this idea too.

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Bar has a good idea for this with two hot keys, when you rotate all future buildings are the same way, but it's a one factory type of play too

This doesn't help land factories at all because they have 2 points of exit, it's only navy facs that would see any decent use from it since you cannot turn the direction that the unit exits. If you could make it be "produced" facing the opposite direction it would basically resolve all navy issues too.

You can already rotate build templates, couldn't buildings that are part of build templates be rotated as the template rotates?