Stuck in the FAF Loggin with the loading buffer

Hello , I have recntly downloaded FAF and I am stuck on the clients logging in screen, How do I slove this?

try the new test version of the next client update. Beside other stuff, it should fix some of the connection issues.

also check if your antivirus is blocking the client.

Unfortunately, I have the same issue..
Tryied the new with the same result..
Stuck at login screen.

I have the same problem with loging in with the new version since 2021.11.0.
I did the following...

I deinstalled my Antivirus
I completely reset my Windows network
I flushed my DNS
I reset my router
I turned off my firewall completely
I installed older versions of FAF, but it says "Your version is outdatet- you need to update to a new version" 😞
I deinstalled and Installed FAF like 20 times between these steps.

Still the same error..
Anyone any ideas?


This might be caused by some bug with ipv6 try disabling ipv6 on your machine

I had this same issue and disabled IPV6 and it fixed the issue. I was stuck and couldn't connect to a game, stuck at the 'connecting...' screen.