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Smart Reclaim Support


Description: COMING SOON

Special thanks to the player WALL-E (aka 4zot, Ctrl-K, GAS), for the idea and original code

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A slightly crude version, will be finalized over time.

Known issues:

  • Displaying reclaim labels at any selected units
  • Displaying reclaim labels can be mixed between commands, the opposite effect of clicks

Version 2


  • removed gameplay breaking future: selecting new engineer on repeated click of Reclaim if current selection is one engineer and engineer is not idle

Hi, I installed “Smart Reclaim Support” when it was first available, and I didn’t like how it worked so I removed it from my active mods. After removing it my reclaim hotkey wasn’t working anymore, Even if I reassigned it to another key. Whatever hotkey I assigned was shown in the menu in the lower left, but still wouldn’t work. I tried reactivating the mod and found my hotkey worked as long as the mod was active. There was a new version available on the 27th, I downloaded it to see if it would change the current behavior, but it made it worse. Now whether I activate or deactivate the mod my Hotkey won’t work. I can use the icon in the lower left menu to reclaim, but would much prefer to use the hotkey. Any help is appreciated.

@mackinaw you can delete game.prefs (your profile with hotkeys) from C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

or open game.prefs and change:

  1. UI_Lua import("/lua/ui/game/gamemain.lua").ToggleSmartReclaim()
    to UI_Lua import("/lua/ui/game/reclaim.lua").ToggleReclaim()
  2. UI_Lua import("/lua/ui/game/gamemain.lua").SmartReclaim()
    to StartCommandMode order RULEUCC_Reclaim

Changed game.prefs. Thank you for the help.