FA - Mission 6 Overlord - Unable to progress past first objective

I have had an issue for a while trying to complete the final mission in Forged Alliance (playing single player). The mission does not allow me to complete the first objective (currently playing on medium difficulty if that changes anything).

The objective SHOULD tell me to destroy 19 Seraphim buildings (since there are 19 buildings marked on the map), but the objective (first screenshot) shows that I need to destroy 21 buildings. I have tried to destroy everything on the map in case it was just a UI issue, but it does not allow me to progress.

Of those 19 buildings marked on the map, one or two (in the 2nd screenshot only one of them is destroyed, but sometimes two) of the marked buildings will randomly be destroyed without me even sending any units over there. So, I am then left with about 18 or 17 buildings left marked on the map and the counter for my objective continues to read 0/21.

I apologize if the screenshots are hard to see. Please let me know if I should reupload them or add new ones.

0 out of 21 buildings.jpg

2nd screenshot of randomly destroyed building.jpg

If you are running any mods try running the game without them.

And you can turn on UI scaling in the settings (interface tab) to make the game more playable for 4K monitors.

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@randomwheelchair I am not running any mods with Forged Alliance.

I did just enable cheats (they were never activated previous to this) and activated SallyShears (removed fog of war) to see what is happening on the enemy's side and I noticed a couple of the buildings just stop being marked randomly with no reason. Now there are only 17 buildings marked.

2 buildings being unmarked.jpg

@jip I did not see an option for UI scaling, but I changed the resolution to 1920x1080.