UEF Sonar


I’m so tired of dudes adding jamming to fucking units you make 1-5 of max in the UEF roster lol, like what kinda joke is JAMMING on a sonar, why not just go and add jamming to an omni? Or a jamming upgrade to your ACU?

The whole point is counteracting lazy scouting by making gray blip counting impossible. Giving a sonar 3-4 extra blips in my 10 billion blip mix because the one non-useless jamming unit (frigate) exists? Literally who is benefiting from this? Who wakes up and thinks this positively impacts UEF? I would pay 5 extra e for this just because it’s a “haha jamming” meme, that’s it.

I would trade every single jamming ability (except thunderhead) in the UEF roster without changing any costs on any unit just to get jamming on lobo or jamming on pillars. Or ints. Or janus. Or parashields/flak. Literally any unit I could feasibly make more than 10 of in a game.

Hell, add it to percies so I could potentially make them against 2 of the factions in the game.


Sure, the jamming is not a buff. It's useless. But 50 extra energy cost at that stage of the game is such a tiny nerf that it's practically nothing imo.

Thank god Ambassadors didn't get jamming though. I saw that being debated and that would have been a nightmare.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


@randomwheelchair said in UEF Sonar:

Considering it's not it's main function it should be togglable by default, maybe even turned off considering that the aforementioned frigs are already fulfilling the role of jammers just fine, making the jamming on T3 sonar at best a sidegrade, in most scenarios simply a nerf if you can't turn it off as it will just result in higher upkeep cost without any real benefits.

If balance team wants that I can code it for them. But due how intel toggling works its kot easy. (I did in SCTA for example just required some unique code)

I’m a shitty 1k Global. Any balance or gameplay suggestions should be understood or taken as such.

Project Head and current Owner/Manager of SCTA Project


Saying “who cares lol” is such a nonargument. Why not make UEF omni cost 200 more e for no reason? It hardly changes anything too, but it’s still stupid because it has zero reason to happen.

Jamming provides 0 utility on a unit you make 1 of and has resulted in making sonar cost more, it’s a bad change just as making omni cost more would be bad.


I can consider reverting the E maintanance cost but I think that it does provide some utility. It makes it harder to spot the sonar itself and also it hides higher tier units that are travelling nearby when moving towards your fleet.


My main gripe with it is that it's not a clear buff, more of a sidegrade considering how many blips we already have due to the frigs being backbone of the navy. If it can be toggled or doesn't come with upkeep cost then I can agree with it being a buff.
Otherwise it's sidegrade at best, while in most scenarios being a small nerf due to the increased upkeep cost.

Let's be honest this is more of a flavour change than a required balance change, even more when the flavour is already there with the T3 sonar having a torpedo launcher XD. So you know maybe could buff that thing to actually be capable of fending of 2-3 random subs or frigates?



200 energy is 10 T1 Pgens or 40% of a T2 pgen. 50 is 2.5 T1 pgens or 10% of a T2 Pgen. It's much more significant, plus even if the jamming isn't useful it's not the same thing as making the UEF omni drain more energy for no upside.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


Jamming is no upside, any decent player has 50 billion frigates in their navy mix already providing jamming for 10% of the cost of the proposed sonar jamming.

It isn’t more significant because you make omni with t3 pgens and with adjacency, t3 sonar can be made on t2 pgens.


Dicks out for uef now having the worst strat and no air t4


This is what u get for arguing for the gunship nerf ages ago, now UEF lategame air is just janus spam

🍆 🍆 🍆 🍆

must be that op broadsword jamming that necessitates nerfing all uef t3 air 😩