Saraphim co-op missions bugged.

The client is 2021.10.0. Some missions don't have objectives or objectives aren't updated later. Therefore the mission map doesn't expand and the mission can't be completed.

Is this just me or someone also see this issue?

Yep, me too, gets stuck on the cut scenes

Same. The weird thing is, if you change the map makes a difference but is still bugged.
Based on "Operation Uhthe-Thuum-QAI";

  1. If you load the game without making any changes to settings, the objectives don't load after the intro cutscene.
  2. if you change the map in the settings to the alternative "Seraphim Mission 3" map, then the first 2 objectives load after first intro cutscene but, does not load the next & final objectives. Ie, the map will expand to show the top base & t3 arty base building, but will not give you the objectives to kill it and capture the tower. Even if you kill everything to do with 2nd expansion, the map does not expand onto the final chapter which requires you to kill the top right base/commander.
    Ive spent hours dicking around with map settings... cannot get it to work.

The same here. A lot of single player maps is bugged after newest game upgrade.

Does anyone work on it or you are "fixing" the game by destroying some features important to players?

Does anyone work on it or you are "fixing" the game by destroying some features important to players?
These passive aggressive reactions will bear no fruit.

I have the intention to look into the co-op missions - at a minimal the GPG ones - but there's tons of other things to do. You're free to learn how to do scripting and make pull request on the github page.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@martin_pl given the huge amount of features and various mods this game has, it would require a triple-A studio to maintain it in a way where there are little or no issues on releases and updates. Even such a large studio would have issues keeping the game completely bug free.

Given the fact that we are a voluntary organization with people choosing to donate their time to work on the game, we can't act as a triple-A game studio would.

Instead we have two choices:

  1. Release updates which may break things and do our best to fix them as we become aware of them. Of course doing our best not to break things in the first place.


  1. Release no updates at all and leave everything as is.

I'm fairly confident it's in everyone's interest that we stay with option one and it's a part of our core mission to keep expanding on and improving the game.

@jip thank you for the work you're doing.

The coop missions were worked on quite extensively a few years ago and perhaps it's worthwhile reaching out to those contributors for help?