My FaF client is in a different language

hella my faf client is in a different language can somone help me ?

Open the FAF client.

At the top-left, there is the "hamburger" button (three horizontal lines, called a "hamburger" because the three lines are like 2 buns and a patty)

click on hamburger menu

go down to "settings." Which would probably be called something else. But you can tell which one it is because it's the second-to-last option. It's the one just above "exit"

then you have to click on the option for "language" and you will have a list of 15 languages. Pick the one you want.

Explanation of the term hamburger button:

@arma473 thanks for your reply, but im afraid i can't find it ... i![alt text](faf.png image url)


should be the fifth option on the left hand side

Hamburger menu => Settings (second from bottom) => Language (third from bottom) => English (third from bottom)

@angelofd347h Thanks a lot ![alt text](faf2.png image url)! but when i select the language it doesnt seem to work...

You need to restart the client I believe.

@wikingest I Tried this, but it doesn't seem to work...

It looks more like something is corrupted rather than another language. Either that or the language is Welsh which FAF doesn't support.

That looks like the big where the font that comes with the client gets corrupted somehow during install. You could try a reinstall of the client.
I have seen this before but unfortunately have no idea why it happens.

I Tried Re-installing it several times, and even tried an older version of FAF but nothing seems to change the language... somehow it always keeps the same.

Have you tried uninstalling, rebooting and then reinstalling? I'm 99% sure this isn't a different language but just an issue with the font. There's just too many letter in orders that don't make any sense no matter what language it is.

Legion is correct. It is an issue with the font where it uses the spacing of the correct letter but displays the letter two positions down from it.
Here is a better description of the issue

Thank you... seems like a lot of work if you dont know coding. But i'll give it a try thank you

Well, i dont think i can figure this out.. anyone got an idea on how to fix this ?

Have you tried uninstalling, rebooting and then reinstalling as I suggested? Maybe removing the specific font and then reinstalling could also help but I have no idea what it is called.

The font is packaged with the client in the install process

If the problem is that a font was not installed correctly, can he just install that font, reboot the computer, and then it would work?

Can someone just send him a zip file with the font that he can drop into the windows/fonts directory and that would fix it?