Performance issues since 1.6.0 (or something)


So far I had zero issues with the performance in-game, but since roughly a couple of weeks ago, the game performance drops dramatically after 20 minutes-ish. I have massive stutters, as if CPU was max out or something.
But CPU is at 40% max when playing so... huh...Screenshot 2021-10-17 155948.png
Reducing visuals to low does not change anything.
The longer I play, the worst performance gets.

I tried NVIDIA performance patch, no change.

I have i7 7700 HQ + 16Gb RAM + GTX 1070 (it's a laptop)

I have played many other games on my computer, they don't have that problem.
If someone could help figuring out what's my problem, that'd great.



What type of games are you playing? Could you share replay IDs? And is the simulation slowing down, or does the game stutter significantly?

Note that the game is multithreaded, but the two threads that matter the most (render / sim) are not individually multithreaded. Therefore the maximum you can see this game use is ~ two cores, which is roughly 30% - 40% of your CPU when you have a quad core.

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Install older nvidia drivers.

Using old NVIDIA drivers worked, thanks!