What are my FAF ratings?

FAF utilizes three different trueskill values or "ratings" in order to gauge player capability in three different environments. There is the ladder rating which is meant to showcase your ability in the controlled environment of the 1v1 matchmaker. There is also the matchmaker rating which is meant to showcase your ability in the controlled environment of the 2v2 matchmaker. Finally, there is the global rating which is meant to reflect your ability to play ranked custom games. Ranked custom games could span a wide array of game types from 1v1 to 8v8 and can even include certain ranked mods such as Equilibrium.

These ratings are mutually exclusive and so they do not interact with one another. Playing ladder will not result in you losing or gaining global rating, nor will playing 1v1 custom games have an influence on your ladder rating.

However, it should be noted your global rating CAN impact your initial matchmaker rating when you first start playing it. To learn more about this, please look at problem 2 in this FAQ answer:


You can keep track of your ratings by right clicking on your name in the client and hitting "show user info" or by simply using the website: https://www.faforever.com/competitive/leaderboards/1v1

Updated to include 2v2 matchmaker rating.

When does the grey go away

Next Monday for the develop branch, November the 26th for the regular branch:

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So just saying but that doesn't do anything remarkable for improving new player experience. People in general don't understand TrueSkill and are instead going to move from using high sigma -> gray rating -> bad player to low games -> bad player and choose various arbitrary cutoffs for what makes bad players.

Still the same Catch-22 problem, you just changed the flavor and make it slightly easier in some scenarios and slightly harder in others.

That's why we also want the number of game counter to use all rated games (including matchmaker) instead of just custom games.

@ftxcommando I think tagada's reason above makes more sense than gray. Yes, players will still be "discriminated" for a "low" game count but I vividly remember playing ladder only when I started and then going into global and not being accepted in most lobbies because I had 10 games, then being called a smurf when the guy with "10 games" somehow is playing really well.

At least this way Players will have a better assessment of skill since at +100 game count you can expect some basicness compared to someone with 10 games.

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My response wasn’t a response to what Tagada said.

This article seems out of date. There now five different ratings is it not?