Why was game X not rated?


There are plenty of reasons, why a game was not rated. Here is the official list in technical order:

  • game had too many desyncs
  • game had wrong victory condition (e.g. sandbox)
  • fog of war was disabled
  • cheats were enabled
  • prebuild was enabled
  • norush was enabled
  • unit restrictions were active
  • map was unrated
  • game was too short
  • mod was unrated
  • game was coop
  • game ended with mutual draw
  • single player game
  • game mode was free for all
  • teams were uneven
  • unknown results (as in "there was an issue with the server receiving all game results)
  • teams were unlocked
  • game had more than 2 teams
  • game had AI players
  • civilians were revealed
  • wrong difficulty (hu, I have no clue what that is)
  • expansion was disabled (same here)
  • spawn positition wasn't fixed
  • other

In particular the reason "unknown results" is an ongoing issue with FAF as we seem to have problems to get game results sent to and parsed by the lobby server


•Mutual draw should not result in game being not rated.

•spawn positition wasn't fixed ???

•Reveled civilians sounds like an option that is on by default right now

•Unlocked teams also result in game being not rated? even i didn't know that (tho i don't trust this list anymore) .. having a thing that would tell you in lobby that game if going to be rated or not rated would be great...


I'm not 100% confident but I think that a spawn positions can be 'not fixed' when a player doesn't have a corresponding army marker. E.g., you have a 4th army but no ARMY_4 marker on a given map.


@ZLO said in Why was game X not rated?:

•Mutual draw should not result in game being not rated.

oh. wait this means that "draw" button in ladder? if yes then yea it should not be rated (imho), but it is rated atm.
regular draws should be reated.


I havent found anything to open an new conversation, so i just put it here.

I played several games with a guy named ImperialNoob today, but everytime i met him he still has been on only one game played, just like his teammates.

I asked him how it comes, but he didnt respond but just kicked me. It is highly likely that this guy and his friends found an exploit to fool players and the game mechanics.

Please take a look at it.


It's because he basically only played unrated maps so far. Not really an exploit.

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