Make a faster animation of a nuke?

I think that this is wrong when a nuclear missile takes off very slowly. And a missile from a smd, with such a speed as if it ready to fly over Seton in 1 second.

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Well, an antinuke has a much smaller range, so it can burn its fuel a lot faster- see the takeoff of an unmanned rocket, e.g. the launch of the Solar Orbiter, which had to reach solar orbit ( here at 32:30), versus the launch of a rocket with a much smaller range, e.g. real-life tactical missile tests, or even Trident (

The REAL problem is the nuke animation for all nukes is 2 seconds except the Aeon nuke, which is 20 seconds. That's not fair in my opinion.

@captainklutz I agree that the flight speed of the nuke should be less than the flight speed of the smd rocket. So it is now. I'm talking about the speed of the departure animation
I have not compared the animation speed of different fraction. But if so, then I 100% agree that you need to make the same

Sorry for my English. I use translator

None of the factions have equal nuke launch animation speeds iirc, the UEF is fastest, then Cybran is a second or so slower, forget where Seraphim is, but I know Aeon has far and away the slowest launch animation it takes about a full 8 seconds to launch...

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Either slow down the other factions or speed up the aeon one, or some combination. You could slow down other animations by making the parts move more slowly, or just including more "dead time" where nothing is happening. Or speed it up just by making aeon parts move faster.

Also, is there a way to make nuke launchers extra-vulnerable during the launch animation? Like they take 3x as much damage per shot while the animation is happening? It's only fair to add something like that if all factions have equal animation time.

And is it possible for the nuke launch itself to temporarily disable friendly shields? e.g. treat it like an absolver weapon with area of effect that does friendly fire damage, around the nuke itself, at the moment the nuke projectile enters the game. That would be a different way to make players especially vulnerable at the time of launch. It makes sense that a strategic missile launch and a strategic missile passing through shields might interfere with them being on.

I think its fine as is. The whole point of different factions is different technology and capabilities. Making everything equal means that different factions are just reskins of the same thing.....we don't want that. People choose Aeon knowing the speed of the nuke. Its all part of it.

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I had no idea until I saw this thread that nukes were at different speeds (and thats after >600 games I think), so i expect there are a significant number of other players who also arent aware and hence dont factor it into their choice of faction.
Its also different to other buildings that are universal across factions but different rather than just outright worse-eg artillery have different aoes and accuracy; tmd have different ranges but can also handle different numbers of units etc; finally if anything it runs counter to the aeon theme of having units specialised for particular roles (that are better at that specific role than more generalised faction counterparts).

If factional differences were wanted an alternative could be to change the build power of silos to compensate for the launch time so they both launch in the same time but require slightly more resources for a slightly shorter period to build the missile

If no changes are wanted then instead adjust the tooltip about 5m for a nuke and 4m for smd to also note some factions nukes take longer to launch than others


But the Aeon nuke launch animation is just plain worse with no upside, and all factions nukes are the same in cost, damage, range, buildrate etc. (Except Cybran has EMP on its nuke which is useless)

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u