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hey guys. If I remember correctly when I was beginning to play here, around 2 years ago there was a topic on the old forum where someone suggested adding info about units to faf wiki . I think it was actually a pretty good Idea. When it comes to people coming straight from vanilla Forged Alliance it is far from obvious what changes were made to the units. Some changes are easier to check because they are available from the unit database but it's often not containing information about things like target priority or fire cycle in a form available for newer players. Those information are often somewhere between old and new patchnotes and they don't appear to be parsed anywhere(even things like current rate of OC seem not to be very obvious to some people on faf discord). The effect of this is the fact that players coming from SCFA are going to have to relearn the whole game without much sensible comparison to the old balance, by just forgetting what they know and getting the new 'feel' which can be in fact frustrating. I think the sensible solution could be potentially pages on wiki containing number comparisons on different units connected with word descriptions of changes between vanilla and FAF as well as a few sentences describing units place in the current meta on the wiki(maybe something like the vanilla supreme commander wiki which I read a bit just before and a bit after joining faf). I think this way we could make FAF far more accessible for new players. There are a lot of units in the game, so this would take a lot of effort to do and I'm pretty sure one person couldn't do it but I'd like to see if you guys even agree with that or consider it unecessary cognitive mistake on my part.

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Yes, the wiki is a bit underutilized and it would require to get a bit of work, possibly changing the learning SupCom page to be about learning vanilla FA and have a "Transitioning to FAF" page since there are a couple of small but core changes to the gameplay, and a lot of other components to talk about that are not even mentioned, however I think the wiki is open to changes just like any other wiki so even doing a bit of work solo to improve it can be quite helpful.

I might get a stab into changing some stuff myself, since it is a useful resource for newer players.

We're working on a new wiki implementation - @Rowey can tell you more about it.

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As Jip said we are working on a new wiki behind the scenes at the moment.

If you are interested in helping out on the new wiki drop us a msg on discord on what you want to help out with and can see what we can do.

The new wiki is currently not live as we are updating creating new pages.

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