archsimkat can you detail the MODS you used on this game?

Can you tell wich ones you are using and explain them a little?

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@kdrafa91 Sure, I'll list the mods I use in addition to the main use I have for them.

  • Advanced target priorities - to target engineers, units, pd, mexes, etc. very useful for drops as well as ACU (you generally want to hit units with your ACU, not the enemy ACU, unless someone is close to dying).

  • Additional camera stuff v3.2 - previewing build range on engineers (also disabling moving minimap around accidentally). Helps you not walk with engies while still building at max build range.

  • Spread move - in order to spread out air scouts.

  • Spread attack - mainly for preventing overkill with t1 bombers or t2 torp bombers.

  • UI party - for very useful additional hotkeys, the ECOntrol panel you see on the left, and the selection lock feature (lock units so you can't select them by dragging a box).

  • Selection Deprioritizer v4.1 - so that I don't select air units with my ground units (I mainly use hotkeys to select all air units of each type).

  • hotkey changes - a mod with my own modifications to hotbuild keys that isn't on the mod vault. I put mutually exclusive commands together and overall made certain hotbuild keys more useful.

  • Common mod tools - not exactly sure why I have this, but I think you need this for UI party.

  • Not technically a mod but a modified version of advanced strategic icons - to make acu, mexes, nukes, and smd icons more prominent.

And then the rest that are either self explanatory or aren't really relevant gameplay wise.

  • Better Reclaim View
  • Scaled resource panel
  • NoShake
  • Selection cost UI
  • Supreme Score Board
  • Extra mini map
  • Emojis

archsimkat what mod gives the pop up acu under attack with current health as a number at the top of the screen?

That should be Notifications v5.2.

@archsimkat when you say "Spread attack - mainly for preventing overkill with t1 bombers or t2 torp bombers." you mean you press shift+G command and click a bunch of stuff? or you got a mod that makes it easier?

I´ve tried to search for strategic icon mod and i dont fint it, i just want to change the nukes and anti-nukes.

Wait a couple days for a game patch to be released

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@kdrafa91 Spread attack is shift+g, I just forget if that's a mod or if that's just in the game by default.

Advanced Strategic Icons is not a mod like the normal ones, it's something you have to get separately. I have this download link saved but looks like it's not currently working:

As of the latest patch Advanced strategic icons style mods will be able to be put on the vault. I would check there first as I’m sure someone is gonna upload it there.