3 monitors Issue when Enabling secondary display

Hi all i have 3 monitors and when i enable the secondary display it has issues and does not work (game only shows up on main display at a low resolution). The only way to get the secondary display to work is to disable one of the displays.

Is there a way to fix this? so i can have
Display 1 = secondary display
Display 2 =Main display
Display 3 = FAF client

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Use windowed mode and UI mod to manage the UI for dual displays.

If i enable Windowed mode for the primary adapter the secondary adapter becomes disabled

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You just stretch the windowed game over the 2 screens and with the DualScreen mod it will put the Ui in the correct places

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Oh i was referring to enabling the secondary display in video options so i can have one screen as a map.

So the question is can the bug be fixed? (the bug being that if you have more than 2 displays enabling the secondary display does not work/ causes issues).

Temp fix turn off 3rd monitor.

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@thecore Friend of mine had the same issue. Unfortunately he didn't find a fix for except turning off his 3rd screen while the game launches.
you could try the fake full screen setup that uses splitscreen in combination with ui party to have a 2nd screen with a minimap:

The second adapter in-game is really buggy and causes many crashes. Best solution is to use windowed mode, stretch it over and use UI mod to adjust the UI accordingly.