FAF Client in GeforceNow

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, would it be possible to integrate the faf-client into the cloudgaming service GeforceNow?

Me and many others don't have powerful computers to run faf. Please consider it. Supreme commander vanilla is already available there.

Definitely impossible. Cloud providers make deals with game publishers to make their games available, and FAF does not own FA.

@mazornoob they could still try, it is the biggest mod for supreme commander after all and THQ isn't existing anymore. Also i assume that no one plays supreme commander vanilla on geforce now anymore so faf would make it more attractive for people to consider.

Square Enix owns the rights to FA. If you can convince Square Enix to let GeForceNow host regular FA on their service, maybe FAF would have a chance to get on there.

Square owns Supreme Commander franchise IP, THQ Nordic owns SCFA for clarity sake

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