Tournament Canceled


@Tagada @TheWheelie great job…. Glad you guys still can’t just accept a tourney and enjoy what people have to offer using their own money…..


wait why is it cancelled?


@morax dont you even dare put this on me


@morax Why are you blaming Tagada and Farms for what occurred?


@Pryanichek i don't see why the tournament needs to be cancelled? There is nothing wrong with your plan so I am sure i am not the only one who would still like to see it go ahead.


@morax or not participate if they don't like the format
but someone must be told what they don't like


@gingerbreadman it was an emotional decision, but I will look stupid if I change my mind every few hours
I hope I can have a better tournament in the future


@pryanichek Don't worry about it, take a breath and see what you want to do. I hope you'll run tournaments and if you want any help send me a pm.


It's just that "finding the best 2v2 team" and a rating restriction don't work well together. Keeping the rating limit or removing it is both fine, it just means the tournament will attract different players.

Cancelling it really isn't necessary, if you don't like changing plans, just keep what you have now, because it's fine (but then remove the "finding the best 2v2 team" part for realism).


After a word with the TD, there will be no event. He is hoping at a later date to host, so for now, going to close this thread.