Game halts


New to using FAF but when I am playing with sorian cheating AI on Shards after half an hour the game would "pause". Toggling the pause button does nothing, I am able to que, move around and highlight objects but it just stays "paused". This always happens and it is preventing me from playing anything. I have to use the task manager to kill the game as it won't quit or rehost.

If you mean "paused" in the sense that units don't respond to commands or take an exceedingly long time to do so, that's an unfortunate game problem when there are too many (ground/naval?) units in the game. Air isn't particularly affected by that apparently.

Not much you can do apart from either limiting the max number of units from the lobby or cutting down on spam/ctrlk t1 units you don't need.

okay, I'll try that out. I currently have the limit set to 1500 but I'll lower it to 1000 to see if the issues goes away.
When i say pause, it has the same effect as though the game is paused. All units and economy are halted but you are still able to move your curser around and que up units or buildings.

It can also mean the simulation is saturated with computing something, for quite a while. The Sorian AIs are not as efficient as other AIs. Perhaps try playing with Uveso AIx, and only one. On a map like shards it would expand quite fast, making it feel like you're playing against multiple. But without the costs of having multiple.

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like Jip already mentioned, please install my AI mod (In FAF you can install AI mods like any other mod)

You can find it in the FAF vault or download it here directly:

The AI-Uveso mod has some unreleased FAF gamepatches included and additional debug functions.
It will print some game info like memory usage, unit count and gamespeed to the game.log.