Custom games tab refresh button

Would it be possible to add a refresh button to the custom games tab of the client? Currently I have to relaunch the client after almost every game in order to see and join the games my friends are hosting.

Not sure what’s going on there, but it sounds like you’re abusing a bug in the lobby server where it sends you a full list of games instead of only games that should be visible to you when you log in. (Btw this bug will be fixed in the next server version)

Maybe you need to check/uncheck some of the filter options in the play tab, because the game list should refresh automatically about once per second.

Also make sure the person who is hosting the game also has added you as a friend. Friends are a bit weird in FAF because you can friend someone without them friending you back.

Hi Askaholic. My friends have all friended me and we never host private games, so I can't think of what else it can be.

What bug am I abusing? If my friends host public matches why shouldn't I be able to see them?

The bug is just that when you log in the first time you will see all games and not just the ones that you’re supposed to see based on the visibility rules.

If the game is public then the only visibility rules that could possibly apply are:

  • Rating ranges (if the host has set a desired rating range and clicked the “enforce rating range” button). This would prevent you from seeing the game if you’re rating isn’t in the desired range.
  • Players foed by the host can’t see the game

Also if a game is password protected then your client might be filtering it out if you unchecked the “show password protected games” checkbox.

Maybe you could also post some screenshots when you get a chance.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the FAF server is currently being DDoS’d so that could be part of the problem (just look how many people are posting on the forums about login issues)

Hi Askaholic. This problem has been occurring for a few months now so it's not new for me. My friends haven't foed me and they never set the rating limits to exclude us. It's just 4 of us playing so we always play together. I don't think a screenshot will work because there are always some games listed, just not the correct ones. I have no way of showing that my friend's game is hosted because I can't see it. I will take one before and after I relaunch but not sure that will prove much.
On another note. Often when I try to join some of the other games I get the notification that the host has left the lobby.

AFAIK this is a current bug, happens for me too. Game list does not refresh by itself as it has used to, you have to press the table/list view buttons to get it to refresh.

Yes I have had some reports about the updates not occurring but am having a hard time finding out the cause as I cannot locally reproduce it and the logs do not indicate anything wrong.