Firing Randomness/ No Results??

Hello All,

I am trying to get a handle on both the

FiringRandomness and FiringRandomnessWhileMoving command lines. Neither of them seem to have any effect on units as they are generally 100% accurate unless their target is moving too quickly for the projectile to reach.

NOTE: This is obviously doesn't pertain to laser weapons.

In essence, I am trying to make weapon accuracy a strategic priority when selecting which units to use for a given situation and also give the advantage to the player who has units fixed in place vs firing on the move. Any help would be appreciated as there appears to be a detail that I missed.

Thanks in Advance!

What do you mean with command lines? The values in the blueprint? Or the functions of the weapon classes in script?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Sorry for the confusion, I am referring to the blueprint

Did you mark it for merging?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

See also this post, to quote:

UnitBlueprint {
	Merge = true,
	BlueprintId = 'uel0202',


A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Yep, It's been marked. In fact; I've already made a slew of changes to the units (Firing Randomness aside) it's the one stat that doesn't seem to apply.

Thanks again for trying to help!

You can experiment with the FiringRandomness values directly - in game - via Shift F6. This will give you access to the units data - and if you expand the appropriate weapon, you can directly adjust the randomness values and see them take effect.

This tool is useful for many values (but not all) and FiringRandomness is one that allows active changes.

Over short ranges, it will be hard to discern randomness at work - so you may need some rather significant values to really see it - but for long range weapons, it's very clear.

I can't get it to work myself either 🤔

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

One of the changes between vanilla FA and FAF is a reduction in randomness (and then a corresponding reduction in damage for weapons that were made more accurate, to preserve average DPS numbers, and of course damage numbers also get fiddled with from there for balance reasons)

My guess is that you should look into how FAF implemented the reduction in randomness in order to find the reason why randomness isn't happening the way you think it should happen.

That's just a guess. It is possible there is a completely different reason for the phenomenon that you are noticing. But that's where I would start looking.

I hope that's not the case, as that has a lot more ramifications than just DPS - especially if AOE radius hasn't been also substantially reduced. Firing Randomness is something that's handled by the engine, not the LUA code - so it would have to be a blueprint mod to adjust them in any global fashion. Either way - the value should show on the Unit data panel for both types of randomness.

As you rightly point out, beam weapons are unaffected by this value - but there is a field you should examine closely - UseFiringSolutionInsteadOfAimBone. This may completely bypass randomness since the aim bone is removed from the calculation entirely.

Sorry for the delay in responses I had a power outage due to storms. I've tried a few different solutions to no avail. It's so strange. I'll give it some more thought before I look for another angle of attack for balancing out my game.