How is score calculated?

How is score calculated? I played a 4v4 Setons as air player, lost air badly, and still ended up top on score. Our cliff inherited front and yet I still had a higher score than him.

I know somebody is going to ask so yes. I did have a higher score than the enemy air player even though I lost air, collected less mass, spent less mass, collected less energy, and spent less energy.

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The in game score is one a rather unreliable parameter to go by. Just to give an example, producing and using lots of energy will inflate your score wildly, even if you didn't do jack shit with it. So yeah, you can build lots of ASF, lose all the airfights but you still will be ahead of your navy player who carried the game by the sheer virtue of getting more score from energy production.

So well, pay no mind to it GPG had no clue what they were doing.

Yeah energy weirdly has a weirdly large role in your total score. If you don’t have one of the highest scores while on an air slot something probably went wrong

It is indeed heavily biased by the economy developed, and the value of what you kill - killing an ACU is worth a great deal of score. Kills aside, almost 2/3 of the score is simply mass and energy collected - including reclaim.