FAF Doesn''t Work

FAF is Broken...

So i Login at at my friends house and I cant do anything is this some BS to stop smurfs I'd rather deal with smurfs than not be able to play what happens if I move house in RL? The amount of new security is killing this game.

Why do I bother.

I'm sure I'm not the only person to notice this.



I move to a different location like 3 times a year and have had zero problems with logging into my FAF account. I don't know what information or assistance you expect to be given off of the description "I can't do anything" and then a bunch of baseless complaining.

I played this game since the original TA, the focus on smurfs wrecked this game totally. I once forgot my login and with 3 pcs in the house and 3 copies of the game used the wrong account on the wrong pc. The ban and the bs that went with this (over 8 years ago ) still shits me off. If anything simplifies the login and link to Facebook or Google or something easy. Make thing simple and easy and you might get new blood...

Funny because FAF has stopped caring about which PC you use for over a year now.

There is no "new security", you could say there is less than before. The only thing that you need is valid Steam link that is linked to exactly one account. Then you can use that account anywhere.

Btw why should anybody try to help you if you didnt even take the time to properly describe the problem your are having.