Looking for some folks to look at some replays and give me pointers

Hi Everyone. I'm kind of new to the competitive ladder scene, but I would love some folks to look at some replays and give me a few pointers. I'm up for some online games if anyone is interested, but I have a young son so my availability varies and can change at the drop of the hat if he starts to have a meltdown.

Thanks guys!


Here is a list of active trainers. I have flexibility in my schedule and I'm willing to train anyone who wants to learn:


Also I never miss a chance to advertise my 1v1 guide:


Over day I am in discord server and fairly active in gameplay and training text channel, there you will find help as fast as anyone else. Arma over here is also active trainer and he as much any one else who train people will help you to improve your gameplay.

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...

only watched 3 of your replays so far but here are my quick thoughts

  1. You overbuild on power frequently-the mass you spend building pgens could be tanks instead
  2. You don't build radar frequently enough (I am also guilty of this)
  3. You don't reclaim civilian buildings on maps that have them(or at least you forgot to in the replay I watch)

I can also help u if u want