List of Willing Collaborators for FAF Contribution

Hello everyone,

The purpose of this thread is to generate an easily accessible list of people who want to contribute to FAF collaboratively. So, if you want to collaboratively contribute to FAF and potentially be contacted by others who want to do the same, please reply to this thread with the following:

  • What you want to collaborate on (ie: creating maps, running tournaments, creating mods, creating missions, coding AI's, creating FAF videos, editing maps, editing mods, etc)

  • Your preferred method of contact (with relevant information to make contact, such as your username)

  • Your experience/skill level (optional - if you have multiple relevant skills, you can elaborate on them individually)

  • What types of collaborators you want to work with (optional - you can specify things like experience/skill level, activity level, friendliness, etc)

So, I hope that a lot of you add yourselves to the list (by replying to this thread with the above information) and join in on collaborative contribution in FAF.

PS: Please keep this thread very clean, with no replies other than people adding themselves to this list (with the above information) and with only one reply per person.

If you add yourself to this list and your desires/abilities change over time, feel free to edit or delete your reply to reflect your current status, but please do not make additional replies. Thank you.

If you want to collaborate with someone on this list, please contact them via their preferred method of communication.

If you want to discuss collaborative contribution in FAF, please do so in another thread such as this one.

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What you want to collaborate on
I'm primarily available for collaborating on map design. I tend to do the implementation myself as that turned out to be hard to do together.

Your preferred method of contact
Discord is just fine. You can find me there as Jip.

Your experience/skill level
I'd like to think I have years of experience in making content, whether that is in the form of maps or code.

What types of collaborators you want to work with
I'm open for novice people that would like to see what it is like to code or make maps. I can actively help you get on track. It won't be easy - it will cost you hours on hours to get going. But it is an opportunity to hone a new skill.

Next to that I'm open for people just willing to talk about a concept for a few minutes and give their feedback / ideas.

Currently intent to work on but not alone

I'm looking for people that can give regular feedback on Github issues such as these:

I've started that one somewhere last year and I'd like to finish it up at some point. But the amount of feedback has been underwhelming at the time, causing me to discontinue it.

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What you want to collaborate on:
I'm willing to start my work on the Map gen in about 1 week,mostly presets for civilians,map review and some guideness from my perspective for those who want to help with more layers
Your preferred method of contact:
it really doesn't matter where you find me,either it's faf on discord
Your experience/skill level:
all that i can offer is my experience from a players perspective of my overboosted 2100 kappa and about 300-400 map gen games,as well as some neroxis tourneys wins
What types of collaborators you want to work with:
I'm am willing to work with anyone that basically does that:respect eachothers work,gives a productive feedback,is insterested in helping alongside with others
Sheikah is probably full of work atm,but map gen requires some people for
a)layers creation(more bioms)
b)i would like to get 1-2 guys for the civ work
c)1-2 good and experienced mappers that could work with decals

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

What you want to collaborate on:
I think I'm quite talented at creating tournaments with an unusual format. For example, "Deaf Archon" or the upcoming tournament "The Nightmare Tournament". I'd love to do more of them, but I'm on a budget. I think that no one will participate in tournaments without prize money. People don't have the motivation to do this.

Your preferred method of contact:
I can always be easily found in discord or in FAF if I'm online. If I'm not busy, I'll answer pretty quickly.
kite#4399 (Discord)
kiteNoob (FAF)

Your experience/skill level:
I can't say that I have any great experience. I started participating in the community about six months ago. I can probably speak well in public(but you can argue with that). I have a little experience in organizing and participating in tournaments.

What types of collaborators you want to work with:
I've already worked with some of the mod creators, such as Eternal- (Dark Archon mod) and 4z0t(aka Ctrl-Knob) (Blind mod for "The Nightmare tournament"). I hope that we can continue to work on new mods for new non-standard tournaments.
But I am always glad to have new and fresh minds for the implementation of the most strange and crazy ideas, of which I have a lot. I hope you will see this in the future.

Currently intent to work on but not alone:
We are currently working on the Blind mod for "The Nightmare Tournament" along with the aforementioned 4z0t. The next project may be:

  • New Standard Tournament
  • RogueLike format map
  • Map format quests, where you must use a limited mass to pass the maze.

I really have a lot of ideas, but so far I don't have enough skills in lua to implement them.

Edit: Note that my time is much more limited since I originally posted this as I'm currently working on AI development . I’ve left this as a placeholder in case I stop work on the AI and have more time to help on other projects.

What you want to collaborate on

  • Replay moderation reports
  • AI testing (e.g. playing against an AI and offering suggestions on improvements)
  • New and low rank (<600) player assistance (e.g. if someone has a replay they're casting, giving basic tips on where they could improve)
  • Things involving coding (I’ve got a basic understanding of Lua as a result of developing an AI- it'd depend on the project/coding in question - I'd be more interested in things that would improve FAF generally or something that I'd be able to see in any of the games I play rather than a separate non-UI conversion/balance type mod which I probably wouldn't be interested in)

Preferred method of contact

  • Forum message; discord message

Experience/skill level and time availability

  • Game skill/experience: 1400-1600 global, c.850 1v1, but global skill level is inflated through playing lots of astro cratwrs; Outside astro and 1v1 I've a bit (but not that much) experience with FFA maps and the 'no air/navy' pass/thermoplyae maps.

  • On the coding side, I’ve got some experience of Lua from AI development but still struggle with aspects of it (hostorically I’ve also got some experience using C++ and VBA bit doubt these will be relevant)

collaborators I'd want to work with

  • So long as the person is civil and not demanding/expecting too much (I've a family so my free time is fairly limited) I'd be open to working with most people.

Testing stuff in game.
Attempting to reproduce bugs in game.
Trying to break things in game
testing if things work correctly in game
doing other stuff in sandbox

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