TeamMate and Me Tourney

Sign up.
Can use discord and I speak English.

Well yes, but generally good form to sign up when you actually match the requirements so the TD doesn't need to constantly check whether you can actually use your reservation to go to the restaurant.

yes i sign in

The embodiment of depression...

Sign up please
I can in Russian, Ukrainian, English+-

NoundedElkWoob (will probably be changed before tournament start, but forums will update it anyway)
can talk and listen
english and dutch

Edited the OP to specify that the prize comes thanks to the donation by @Javi !

I'm signing up. I can communicate fully on discord english/german.

This post is deleted!

Sign me up pls
I can communicate on discord/ts/OrWathever english/french

I'll sign up. Just English for me

This post is deleted!

Sign me up please
Discord : English/Russian

This post is deleted!

add me in
Discord : English and English

sign me pls

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Sign me up please

Discord: English / English and some Spanish

Sign me up pls !

Signing up, but there is a problem, half of pro players with 2.3k+ of global/ladder rating have like 2k and lower rating in tmm, so if u gonna balance it by this, it will be too much disbalanced, so is global rating more cored point at this moment. RU/ENG


I think I'll be in town this weekend, hopefully that doesn't change. Sign me up

EDIT: Talk and listen in English

I'll sign up
Discord, English