New Player Councilor Discussion + Removal Announcements


With all due respect, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Could you expand on how I have led FAF into stagnation? That’s an absolutely fascinating accusation in my opinion.

Player size, prize pools, ladder participation, quantity of casters, my patience, I genuinely can’t think of a single thing that hasn’t grown over the last 3 years.

Anyone remember the old “why is the competitive scene dying” thread from 2017-2018? Kinda odd it hasn’t had a retread on these new forums, yeah?


How about you respond to what you said "roaches need not apply"

seems you have been ignoring that statement.


@ftxcommando said in New Player Councilor Discussion + Removal Announcements:

Yeah, I stand by that quote. A dude permanently banned from FAF for smurfing, toxicity, manipulation, etc that has now been given a permanent forum ban is a roach and should have been removed from the election day 1.

Your turn.


I dont see any issue with your quote posts regarding balance morax. Almost all of them are either wrong, irrelevant or simply their opinion.

community voting for balance team members is a terrible idea especially since it wont accomplish anything. How many people of the balance team should be elected? Majority minority or equal? You think there wont be issues of the majority 'team' dominating the decisions cause they are likely to disagree with the opposing team? After all the chance of people being voted in have a high likelyhood of disagreeing with the current state of balance.

I dont see any major discontent with balance either. Compared to 4 years ago the game balance has become a lot better.novaxes were useless, mongoose were, janus blazes aeon bs czar titan. The big scathis rework happened. Tons of units that were too strong or weak got changed in a favorable direction like aeon destro, frig, tempest, loya, wagner, mantis, chicken, aeon and sera gunship, etc etc. Keep in mind that most of the balance team has been the same since then so it is worth talking about it.

Tex complaining about not focussing on the right decisions: Why isnt he joining the team and working on them then? Balance team is actually drastically in need of manpower and tex would in no way be denied on the team if he wants to join. Doesnt mean that his ideas will get implemented if he does it, since he would need consent from the other members, but i see no reason why he wouldnt join but complain instead.

About sladow complaining about making factiond more equally: why do you think thats happening? And where? Scathis is super unique, czar was made unique, chicken micro change made it more unique from gc, wagner was made more specialized, beetles fit better in cybran theme now (whether u think theyre good or not). Recent lab changee made labs slightly more unique too. T3 rebalance buffed snipers so that aeon/sera t3 gameplay would be more different than uef/cybran. If anything i see the opposite happening.

Whiteowl complaining about certain factions being too op is quite funny since 1) this was way more of an issue 4 years ago and 2) even a game like sc2 with a paid balance/dev team cant get it right and accidentally makes factions op every now and then. It is simply in the nature of balancing.

All in all i dont see a single concrete point being made.


Being toxic like that is not becoming of a PC. You even posted that in the official FAF discord. A PC should be professional and respectful. We have a small player base and being toxic does not help the community at all.

"roaches need not apply"-FtXCommando


If ur chief police and a burglar breaks into your house and rapes your wife you are not allowed to be disrespectfull to him. Remember you have an importent function!


Really any professional organization would have a side bar and they wouldn't talk openly to the entire organization they would be discreet. this isn't a rape this is an election. Comparing this to a rape is absolutely disgusting. Your argument is invalid.

FtXCommando-- please respond. and not some copy paste from yourself

"roaches need not apply"-FtXCommando


I’ll take this as you having zero real reasons to accuse me of stagnating anything. Instead you are trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for any vague, phantom reason whatsoever to justify why the dude in your personal discord server should be elected.

To the point of accusing me of not allowing a dude with dozens of bans and perhaps the most justified perma ban in FAF history behind Super’s to be a contributor lol.


"roaches need not apply"-FtXCommando


@judahx dude he already replied to this twice. Read the thread.

Know Python? Want to contribute to FAF?

This post is deleted!

@thewheelie said in New Player Councilor Discussion + Removal Announcements:

If ur chief police and a burglar breaks into your house and rapes your wife you are not allowed to be disrespectfull to him. Remember you have an importent function!

Please tell me you didn't just equate online insults with rape...

But to continue your ridiculous example, if he talks about the criminal at the press conference afterwards, yes, he's not supposed to call him a roach.

And @FtXCommando : See, that's what I'm talking about. Whenever someone says that you're aggressive/insulting/shoot down stuff, you say "where do I do that?", people quote examples and you go "Yeah lol, that was reasonable". If you can't be convinced by any arguments, doesn't at least the frequency with which you run into hostile discussions tell you something? (and just because you're going to ask some examples from the last 2 days: Your discussion with Mozart in Jagged's chat, your discussion with Sheeo in Discord, saying to someone their contribution would be equal to a 1700 rated random player. The crazy thing is, that none of these occurances would be more then a normal talk if you would know how to communicate a bit friendlier.)

Ok, I'm going to give you another example. A user said "excuse me why are you not considering francias as a candidate" which seems like a perfectly valid question (if you didn't read the thread) to me. Your answer was that he's a roach. Now compare that to what Jagged has said about Feathers: He clearly dislikes him, but he said in his stream basically only "he's a toxic person and has multiple permanent bans". Now would it have to be that hard to give a simple answer like that?

And to just throw an idea out: You clearly have redeeming features, given that a lot of people from the background/dev root for you. Maybe there's a position that you would enjoy more then PC, working directly with them? I know that when you're in a position to moderate or communicate in a public forum you sometimes develop an intense hatred for the participants. But also your job would be to not display that. It seems to me that the current position isn't really the best fit for your personal talents.

Anyway, I didn't really want to participate any more because I'm still so new to the scene, but the unbelievably stupid rape comment roped me back in. (See, I can say that because I'm not PC :P)


I've known Mozy for years that's how we talk to each other, don't see any aggression behind it tbh. That is a normal talk. With Sheeo, that's a whole basket of eggs there and frankly I feel totally justified in everything I did. No idea how you intend to turn anything about that scenario into a normal talk.

And yeah, there's a difference with a PC that is trying to bridge a communication divide between community elements and the balance team because he has a deep level of experience with said balance team and can act as a liaison and a dude that by his own words only really knows them from some low effort forum posts. That isn't intended to be normal talk, that's me describing the difference between me and another candidate at a respective role.

How about the reverse: somebody wants to be comfy response dude, I don't have a problem with it, they can go ahead and help me. I'm noticing near to zero qualms with past or current actions I'm doing, so why would I go and work under somebody that has the resume of: nice guy rather than he working for me and I continue working to improve FAF with my systems.

Also, the dude in that quote (bullydozer) is entirely aware of who feather is. His question was sarcastic and rhetorical, and I responded with my own absurdist statement. I really don't understand why we're doing investigative journalism on this tbh.



Finds me Joins my groups discord proceeds to be toxic . I PM him to make it private then he continues to be a jerk. He ends up subtly threatening me . What does he mean by "consider staying in your lane"

FTXCommando such a professional what a great PC-sarcasm implyed

"roaches need not apply"-FtXCommando


I have some stuff to ask but Im being forced to do it later:

Firstly however, I don't think anyone in this thread is free from the "sin" of being toxic. Considering I know the three of you, you've put on your nice hats and it's really only a matter of time before the wind blows them off.

For Penguin, we can happily discuss the 5 hour long circular map feedback discussions where you fail to understand basic concepts and then seemingly break, spouting abuse in any direction.

And for Morax and FtX, we can also quite happily go into past discussions again about behavior again if we please.

I don't really want nor think it's actually relevant to any discussion, because i'm also a sinner, however:

  • You're not showing me how toxicity is a problem,
  • You're not showing me a concrete solution to solve it
  • You're not showing me how your solutions would fix the problem.

You're just asking me to possibly throw away progress on FAF for a simple promise that I know you're not able to keep.

And when you break it, what happens? You've failed to do the only thing you've been voted in for. Do we hold another election under a vote of no confidence?

@Judahx Make your point once and then link back to it later. Stop spamming the thread with the same quote or i'll just remove it.

Questions on pollings and etc, will come in roughly 8 hours boys.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

Can I find a random quote from the other 2 candidates where they are toxic and spam this thread full of them without making any point, or will they actually be deleted now

@morax said in New Player Councilor Discussion + Removal Announcements:

And if that means dismantling the council and restructuring it into a group of individuals that have actual liability, then so be it.

Wait, what?


This is just a guess, but sheeo doesn’t like ftx very much, so if the people he talked into running fail to oust him, he’ll probably lobby the faf board to erase the player councillor position entirely.



It's not that you can find a random quote by ftx to make him look bad. The problem is that 10 per cent of what he writes can serve as such quote. From the top of my head I can quote him at least 10 times. Ftx does not have the attitude of a councillor, that's why he was originally excluded from running for the position. Being in the position has proved the council's concerns true: during his tenure he kept displaying arrogance and toxicity towards players while trying to make friends with top players or people with decision making powers. And this even got worse as he felt more secure in his position. Call it what you want, but I call it unfit for the job..

Ftx is always online and well connected to some top players: great he can help faf elsewhere, he does not need to be the voice of the player base and representing all of fafs players and interests. Because as it is currently that sounds like a joke to me.

Behaviour needs to have consequences. Feather has been banned for it, I have been banned for it, we both have changed our behaviour. Now it's time for ftx to be taught a lesson and to make some adjustments.