Something should be done about blatant T1 power creep.

Many players have probably noticed how most of the games tend to end up on t1 stage and wondered why so many pros just default to t1 units for the biggest part of the game. But after running few tries and sandboxes it became clear that t1 units are just blatantly overpowered in their mass to effectiveness ratios.

Just look at mantis or striker, this units are everywhere. They are made in every game for such a long time that one really should start to wonder what is wrong with the balance that this units are made fucking everywhere in low level and pro games... It should be clear that they are overpowered if we are seeing them 20-30 minutes into the games on ladder and in every teamgame that is not astrocrater!!!

I even took it upon myself to check out if cybran t1 maa can kill monkey! 20k mass in experimental vs 20k mass in t1 maa. Guess what. THe maa just murders the monkey! A t1 maa! Imagine what overpowered t1 mantis or striker would do to it. IT would leave nothing, just fucking shame one the balance team for allowing this state of blatant t1 power creep to stay in the game...

Just fix it, lower the cost of t2 HQ and t3 HQ so we can actually enjoy some supreme tactical gameplay that isn't spam the overpowered t1 units...

Video to show how stupid the balance is
Like I was already losing it seeing the stupidity of balance unfold like that...

Try the mass equivalent in titans, not a monkeylord.

All you've shown is that monkeys aren't good at killing mass t1 spam, not that t1 spam is OP. I could similarly ask a strat bomber to kill inties and complain that the inties are OP, when in fact, strat bombers are not made to kill inties.

Additionally, you've chosen a map with a lot of wide-open spaces. Yes, on maps like that, spam rules. But if spam is so OP, why is it barely ever seen on even semi-closed maps like Canis?

Most games end in the t1 stage because someone makes a mistake and the game doesn't last long, not because t1 is better than t2 or t3.

Lastly, you aren't considering the efficiency of having all the dps in one place. If you want to do 4000 dps to something, do you throw 360 t1 maas at it? Really? What about 8k or 12k dps? How are you going to field 1000 t1 maas? How are you going to make them? A monkeylord takes 27500 seconds to make; 300 t1 maa, 66000, and that excludes roll-off time.

For some context (because I personally have not seen t1 spam "20-30 minutes into the games on ladder and in every teamgame that is not astrocrater"): what maps are you playing and what rank level? You're talking as if you played astro all your life, tried 3 wonders, and are balking at the fact that people build things besides GCs and t3 artillery. If t1 spam is really "blatant power creep," then go ahead and make t1 spam 20-30 minutes into a ladder or teamgame vs. 1500+ players on a semi-closed map, and tell us how that goes.

Look man.
I sandboxed it and even the best T3 unit is losing to mantis!
Friggin percies are getting mauled to death by t1 units...

And that is mantis, imagine what they would do to monkey lord who lost to stupid t1 maa?!

Maps? I play the only good maps like Open wonder or pyramids with some ladder sprinkled in to keep it fresh. And even on ladder the t1 units are simply overpowered man.

"In this completely contrived scenario that doesn't at all represent real-world settings, something undesirable happens!"

Great. Respond to my other points.

For starters, I said titans, not percies. Again, percies are not made to kill t1. There's a reason for that.

I found something even worse...
What is the balance team even doing at this point?

So... you guys are trolling, right? Cause that is genuinely a hilarious video.

________ (every unit you're picking) is not meant to kill ________ (every unit you're putting them against).

You keep putting units with high alpha against many units with minimal health. Of course they are losing.

These are troll videos. The spider guy intentionally walks the spider into the middle of the horde. The Megalith guy doesnt shoot the tightly groups clusters of engineers. If either were microed competently, the XPs would win by a long shot.

Other more technical reasons why T1 is not OP take longer to explain and I won't cast pearls before swine.

Should have looked at your rank in the first vid, Khada. Nice troll. šŸ™‚

But guys T1 is OP (unless they changed this if FAF) cause perfect LAB Micro = Dead ACU. (Would love to see that actually happen as an aside)

Iā€™m a shitty 1k Global. Any balance or gameplay suggestions should be understood or taken as such.

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What's the mass equivalent of an ACU in labs? XD

Theres a ladder video wheres I think thomas or someone else wins with pure labs. Though good troll. I'll take the F. Lol

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