Road to Glory! 1v1. 1000-1500 ladder rating. 50$ prize

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It's time to open road to glory for the new blood of FAF!

Clan of personal trainers presents a tournament for average players.

Are you Interested?

On Saturday May 15, 2021, at 11:00 am EST (16:00 UTC).
Tournament directors: Swkoll, White_Owl, Inspektor_Kot
IRC chat: #Glory

Challonge link:

The main prize is 50$ + average joe champion avatar for the first place. For the second you’ll get face avatar. Also the winner will get one personal training with Tagada! For the third place - faction logo avatar.
This tournament will be open to any player that on the day of the tournament:

  • Has a global rating 0-1600!
  • Has a ladder rating of at least 1000, but no more than 1500
    before registration!
  • Never had more than 1500 ladder rating in all time in faf.
  • Has been a member of the FAF community since at least December 1, 2020.

Tournament Rules and Regulations:

  • Double-elimination!
  • If we have enough players, most of matches will be each round is best of one with 10x10 maps. From the one fourth of the final it will be best of three with 10x10 and 20x20 maps.
  • Registration closes midnight EST the evening before the competition.
  • All players need to be in the IRC chat of the Tournament 15 minutes before the tournament.
  • If there are any technical issues before the first 5 minutes of play have passed, you can restart the game, otherwise disconnects will lose the game.
  • Draws will be replayed on the same map
  • All tournament code of conduct rules apply.

Sign up through the chat in forum. Write please your nickname and ladder rating.

If this is your first ever FAF tournament, please continue reading for more information.

What to expect of a tournament:
It’s pretty simple, the tournament will consist of a series of custom matches with the maps (and possibly settings) specified by the tournament.
You’ll have to be online a little before the tournament to get ready, join the designated chat channels, and get prepared to play. Check the challonge link and find your opponent, create or join the match and play. Afterwards, report the result to the TD and wait for your next match.
Due to the nature of RTS games, you may have to wait in between matches. Depending on the type of tournament, and accounting for delays, you should probably schedule about 45 minutes per match. For a typical 16 player double elimination, that would be around 5 matches. Of course, if you lose two fast matches, it could be as fast as 30 minutes for the entire competition!

How to join/create games on the day of the tournament:
Check if no game with your name exists, then create a custom, unmodded, game (UI mods are generally allowed). Name it according to the tournament, and your opponent's name. Set the correct map. Close all unused slots (may be designated in the forum post), and wait for your opponent.
Double check map version, options, faction and color, X up and go!

Reporting results:
Report the result of the match to the TD by writing the result in the competition channel. If possible, add the link to the replay in the vault.
Write the result clearly as <player1> <score1> - <player2> <score2>, so it can be recorded to Challonge.

Where do I see who I play next?
The competition is generally listed in Challonge. Follow the link on the forum post. You can find the bracket, the results that are already known, and the next matches.
Once you know who your next opponent is, you can start playing!

Any questions? Post below!
Or contact White_Owl#7905 or Inspektor_Kot#7713 in discord.

Map list for the tournament:
We'll picked common ladder maps 10x10 and 20x20.
All maps will be played with the 'usual' slot1 vs slot2. Please do not pick similar colors if possible.
Map pool:
Saltrock colony
open palms
Forbidden Pass V4
White_Fire v2
vulcan's reach
Seraphim Outpost
Stella Maris WM 1v1
Regor VI Highlands
Cadmium Green
Desert crisis
Twin Rivers
Cobal valley
Farce in tha Forest
Niflheim - Final II v2
Standing Stones
Artic refuge
Crash Site 1v1
Finn's revenge
Desert Planet 2v2

Seton's Clutch - FAF version
The ditch - FAF version
Roanoke Abyss
Seraphim Glaciers
Crossfire canal

PEPPERONY - link (ru)

If you want to cast this tournament - pm White_Owl#7905

time to abuse some money, lemme in

Make t3 mex, not war

Sign me up

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

Sign in. ama very very noob

can't wait for someone to apply who actually qualifies

I wish I could sign up for this but I'm out of town that weekend

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Vaginator_ (1385L 1500G)

Sign me up
LR:1065, GR:1182

Sign me up.
Gorthaur LR 1409/ GR 1600

And i hope we dont get smurfs in this tourney.. Especially people with 1800, 1900 global rating which have a lower ladder rating...

Dont worry, we are monitoring this.

Подпишите меня
ZOOM_ (1121L 1369G)

Egorgij21 (1040 ladder 1150 global)

Conorach (~1380 ladder, 1425 global)

MadCat(1222 лестница, 1275 глобальный)

Tomruler (1150 ladder, 1.2kish global)

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ETFreeman (1400 ladder, 1590 global)
Had inactive for about 6 months but i'll try my best

Sign me
prikki-ti (1050 ladder, 1100 global)

loxpooig (1001 ladder, 1.2kish global) that 1 will make the difference 😉

one day I will find the supreme commander

I think this is not corerct: On Saturday May 15, 2021, at 11:00 am EST (16:00 UTC).
11:00 am EST is 15:00 utc?

one day I will find the supreme commander

@exselsior I just want to point out, that u are in the tourney (challonge link and tourney announcements on faf. Maybe someone should correct that if u cant play.