Titans stronger than Percivals?

This post is deleted!

Asinine testing methodology. In this scenario Percies always win if you have more than 2 IQ. Just right click the percies so they kite back.

All that's left is to wait for the topic to be closed eot.

Yea that's the same with harbs, contrary to common belief, fights mass for mass are kinda even if you don't abuse percy range.

  • If percies retreat, they can utilize their superior range a little longer and get better trades.
  • The two percies fired together, resulting in some overkill. A group of 3 percies vs similar mass of titans would probably do much better, or if you target manually.
    If you do the test again with some micro you can probably arrive to the opposite conclusion.

In general, there are many reasons to make percies over titans : the alpha strike, fat HP, range, and the lack of E drain. You make titans for their mobility and when the ennemy has t1/t2 mixed in his army.

The two replies above are correct. Additionally, Percivals scale better due to higher range and health, meaning large groups (say 50 vs 20) will almost alwayd guarantee a Percival win. Less importantly, you have ancilliary benefits of the Percival being amphibious ability, zero power draw (no loss in defense when in low power state), and high combat strength per transport slot.

Yeah guys, you are are right 😄 sorry, 700 here...
Anyway, just was surprised that in small groups, titans, mass for mass, have a chance vs percys.

Put equal mass titans v ml, then equal mass percy v ml

Fun result