Soothsayer/Eye of Rhianne balance suggestion

Imagine buying a Rolls-Royce that doesn’t come with air-conditioning.

This is the case with the Cybran T3 perimeter monitoring system, the Soothsayer, and the Aeon quantum optics facility, the Eye of Rhianne. If T3 radars were the T3 intel option, then the Soothsayer/Eye of Rhianne would be the T3.5 intel option. The Eye of Rhianne drains 250% more energy than a T3 radar and the Soothsayer costs twice as much as a T3 radar. These things are expensive. You build these bad boys when you are raking in the money and can afford the extravagant cost for a little more intel. But you will discover, upon investing in these intel buildings, that they don’t have something even cheaper radars have. Here’s my suggestion for what to change:

Eye of Rhianne: scry gets omni range 25 (equal to its vision range).

Soothsayer: omni range 200 (equal to its vision range and equal to the omni range of a T3 radar).

My motivation for this change was simple. I asked the question, “why don’t the Soothsayer and Eye of Rhianne provide omni?”, and could not come up a good response. Even with this change, their use cases are still extremely niche: this change will not cause players to build a Soothsayer or Eye of Rhianne in place of a T3 radar. Without this change, there’s very little, if any, reason to build these structures at all.

You almost never see these enigmatic structures built in a serious game. Why not give a little more reason for their existence.

I support this idea because when I play survival maps which use the Soothsayer as the defense object (this includes MOST of the maps) we keep losing to the new cloaked beetles because the Soothsayer cannot see them.

@FunkOff You can make a (t1 / t2) radar against that - beetles don't have stealth if I am correct.

I support this idea too! I think it adds in to the faction diversity and makes these units more viable and more sense-making to use.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Cybran's justification for not getting shields is that they get stealth... In my opinion, stealth is not as useful as shields.

Anything that provides more omni is a nerf to Cybran, so I oppose this change - even for the Soothsayer.

In a team game, someone on the other team will be Cybran and might build a Soothsayer. With a larger omni range deceivers will be even more useless late game than they are now.

I'd like to see Omni ranges nerfed across the board, so more omni is not something I'd be happy to see.

The Soothsayer already shows units in stealth fields - only cloaked units are not shown. I agree on that I don't think the omni range should extent the vision of the Soothsayer - that would be silly. Giving a Soothsayer omni up to its vision radius would allow everything to be visible, instead of having the feeling that everything is visible.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Giving omni to the Eye of Rhianne is crazy as far as I'm concerned. Cybran ACU cloak would be made useless instantly as you can now be very easily spotted without even knowing you have been spotted.