TA Mapping Tournament (#6, 10x10 and under)


A tournament entry is as good as any, I'm not here to win 🙂 .

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


Congratulations to Madmad, Degulum & Boom for taking the leaderboard.

You know I am not experienced,

with that out of the way
I would like to explain my thoughts on some of the decisions I made for the map "Adaptive Wretched Ridges" following the bullet points presented by Biass. I would first like to present the things I agree with:

  • No Decals - I will experiment more with decals.
  • Mountains... - Something I did not consider. Lessons to be learned...
  • Lighting... - The lighting is not stock. Not a good balance it seems. I will try to improve this.
  • Sloped outer areas - I had this in my first version, I guess I deleted that layer or messed this up another way.

Now I would like to discuss some statements which may have some truth to them but which I am not willing to accept right away. // accepted

  • Reclaim

First, the reclaim placement is not sporadic. There are a lot of tree groups on this map. Now, this does mean players have to "lawnmower it all down" but this also provides opportunity for those who are good at that.

Second, the map is meant to be situated in a 'forest' area. You should be turning those trees into units. The reclaim in this case is part of the personality of the map.

Third, I would agree the stones may be scattered somewhat linearly but it makes sense for those rocks to be there since the may have come down / broken from the ridges. How would you improve this?

  • Gameplay

"Mexes appear randomly distributed and sporadic, and slots 3 and 4 start with 2 mexes and not a single mex close to them."

I did try to create some logical distribution, I will reconsider and rebalance. I do want to mention that I intentionally only added 2 mexes to a starting location. I did this because I want the player to move. There is a lot of energy of overcharges on this map.

"You have SEVERELY crippled your score by trying to submit a 12 player abomination into a 2v2 tournament."

I might have misunderstood the 'Adaptive' script. I made this map as a 2 v 2 map, I only added the extra slots later just in case I or someone else would want to play it with 12 people. All other spawn mexes should be disabled when only slots 1 - 4 are filled.


Biass, thank you for your feedback & for including me as 6th. Even though I came in last it still is great seeing my map on the list.

@MadMax I am in no way discouraged. Thanks for the encouraging words :).

I would also like to thank @Dragun101 for providing the stakes for this tournament.


@Stealth9 said in TA Mapping Tournament (#6, 10x10 and under):

First, the reclaim placement is not sporadic. There are a lot of tree groups on this map

Sporadic is probably the wrong choice of wording. I'm saying you took the props into a brush and spammed it.

A forest is a forest, but supcom is a video game. I would look at how other maps have placed their reclaim if you have the chance.

Regarding 2 mex spawns, they dont force movement as they force you to know how to get enough mass to spend before you play, meaning you need a build order. Couple that with the asinine amount of reclaim and it's a race to find the best reclaim fueled bo. I don't particularly think that is a good thing. If you want players to move you need to give them a place of value to move to, not force them out.


thank you for your feedback, as soon as I'm more free, I'll finish the map. Congratulations to all