tied of smurfs

When is something going to be done about the constant smurfing in this game just makes it pointless playing

Let me tell you a secret, the stronger your rival, the more powerful you become from rivalry and in the future you can easily destroy your current rivals. A lot of positive things from the Smurfs! (c)Confucius 486 BC


People on occasion improving or over-performing for their rating does not equate to smurfing.

Running a !smurfcheck command does not equate to ironclad proof of smurfing.

For every 100 accusations of smurfing, maybe 1 is actually legitimate. Most people just can’t take the ego hit of losing to someone they imagine is worse than them.

@bigbadgaz How do you know they are smurfing? Like, what's the due process here?

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

I could be wrong but i don't think anyone thinks rating is a 100% perfect test of skill. One player could get up to 1400 from winning astro games while someone like me stays around 1200 cus i play all sorts of different games. Rating is just a general guide and means different things for different people. Now if someone has 2 accounts thats not great but if they just have a low rating for their skill i agree that is not at all smurfing.