LotS 2021 Workshop Thread


@archsimkat said in LotS 2021 Workshop Thread:

You're a legend, thank you for all the contributions you make towards the competitive FAF scene.

Happy to do my part. Huge thanks go to those who work behind the scenes day-in-day-out to organise tournaments, maintain the forums, coding & updates, moderators, etc. Collectively we keep the game we love alive!


How does one go about donating funds to the prize pool? Could someone contact me about that please?


@Morax can help you with that - he'll be back on Wednesday if I recall correct 🙂 .


Cool, thanks 🙂


Hi, @Roboute01 , if you could get in touch with me outside the message board that would be the first step. I’ll use the direct message system on here to get things going.


Folks, we are getting very close to a point where a decision needs to be made on the following:

Options to think through:
Option A: 12 invites, 4 qualifiers
Option B: 10 invites, 4 qualifiers, 2 reserved
Option C': 8 Invites, 4 qualifiers, 4 reserved
Option D': 12 invites, 4 reserved (more space for breaking up group stage)

After talking with several players, it became obvious that Option A and a new, fifth Option E shall be used:

Option A

12 invites, 4 qualifiers

The 12 invites are determined via the point accumulation system by playing Ladder League, Invitationals (Swkoll's events), Mini-Lots, and previous year LotS.

LotS placement for 1st thru 16th will give TWICE that of a single invitational event, 50% decay for 2 years prior, 25% for 3 years and 0% for 4 years.

A single qualifier event will take place a couple to few weeks before the Group stage. For those who decide NOT to play throughout the year and do not have enough points from previous LotS, will not be in the event. If you do not place top 4 in the qualifier, you will not get a spot, unless enough points are awarded from other events. Anyone can play in the qualifier.

Option E

16 invites

LotS placement for 1st thru 16th will give A HUGE AMOUNT of POINTS that GUARANTEES PLACEMENT, 50% decay for 2 years prior, 25% for 3 years and 0% for 4 years.

I am awaiting the most up to date point totals to determine what is feasible for the points from previous LotS, but it will guarantee top 4 get in.

Keeping this simple because of all the chaos with the server lately, and I have already published a tourney schedule for the remainder of the year here:



Point Leader Board right now without any adjustments to the point system. (This is subject to change!!!)


@Blodir might not be happy with this list 🤔


Just FYI to all, Option A has been determined as the best route for the 2021 year. A good portion of people voiced against this due to the fact that a "single qualifier greatly reduces the reason to play throughout the year and it is unfair," which I do agree with, yet we ran into a major roadblock as to how to make it fair for Swkoll (one of our most active players) to qualify. He spends quite a bit of time and effort to run the seasonal invitationals so it seems quite unruly to exercise other options.

However, as this is also appealing to some players who do not wish to participate in games throughout the year, it will be addressed for next year should they not qualify or choose not to.

So please, keep and mind attention to the qualifier event which will take place in November. I will be adjusting the schedule for the annual events one, last time. This will place the second Mini-LotS somewhere beforehand and I am currently unable now to confirm my availability. It may need a TD to run it while I am away.

Thanks all for taking the time to talk to me about this recently!


We are going with Option A so the Point System has been slightly adjusted to give more points for previous LoTS performance (2x the points of an Invitational with 50% decay for each year)

Updated Point System:

League Series (x4)
1st: 12 points (48)
2nd: 10 points (40)
3rd: 8 points (32)
4th: 5 points (20)
5th: 4 points (16)
6th: 3 points (9)
7th: 2 points (8)
8th: 1 point (4)

Invitationals (x3)
1st: 20 points (60)
2nd: 15 points (45)
3rd: 12 points (36)
4th: 10 points (30)
5-8th: 6 points (18)
9-16th: 2 points (6)

Mini-LotS (x2)
1st: 10 points (20)
2nd: 8 points (16)
3rd: 6 points (12)
4th: 4 points (8)
5-8th: 2 points (4)
9-16th: 1 point (2)

LotS (x3 with decay as you go through older years)
1st: 40-20-10 points
2nd: 30-15-8 points
3rd: 24-12-6 points
4th: 20-10-5 points
5-8th: 12-6-3 points

The Standings have been updated :