Replay Vault - criteria gone for search by Player Ranking


why was it removed, but silly ones like "width" are still available?

Usually, I watch maps with high-ranked players to learn new tactics, but today I discovered the criteria were removed.

The leaderboard api was changed to support team matchmaking and an arbitrary number of rankings. The database needs to be updated again to support search by the new player ranking database so until that happens it is not possible.

Thanks for your reply - I will wait patiently.

@Zokora In the meantime, you can find the highest-rated players' games by searching for them by name.

I collected the current names of the top 100 ladder players to make this custom search string. (not hard to do, they are listed on the FAF web site leaderboards, so you can copy the list into a spreadsheet). You can do a custom search if you check the box for "display search query." You can edit the query and the press "enter" to run a search with your edited query.


If you only want to see their ladder matches, add this to the end of your query:

If you only want to see their TMM games, you can add this to the end of your query:

You can also mix and match. If you want global rated games + ladder but not TMM, you can do:

And you can use other custom search terms to narrow your search based on things like map name. If you have "display search query" checked while you build a normal search query using the provided fields, you should be able to figure out what you need to paste in at the end.

Also, I put a time limit into the search, to only go back 1 month, to give FAF's database a break. I figure most people, most of the time, don't want to go back further than that. If you want to search further back than that, you can edit the time limit.

Good lord. Please use the =in= statement in your query for the logins as well :P. Shrinks your wall of text to 1/3

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@Brutus5000 login=="Montana"=in="Blabla" ?

@Eternal No, not like that. I updated my post to use the =in= statement, so you can see how to do it.