Tourney "Deaf Archon"

deafarchon110.png The "Deaf Archon" anonymous tournament is all about a battle of 2 players against 2 other players however each team will have only 1 ACU which means it’s a shared armies mod tournament.

Congratulations winners.
At the end of the tournament, 3 winners were identified. She scored an equal number of points - 15 points.
The players agreed to share the prize pool equally among all the players.

  • DeafArchon3 (yshysh_killer)
  • DeafArchon11 (Tomruler)
  • DeafArchon12 (MadCat)

The main conditions of the tournament:

  • It is forbidden to use chat, tags with text and any means of communication between players of the same or different teams.
  • The players will not know who they play in a team with. In turn, players will shuffle to create new teams each game.
  • Only the tournament director and the FAF administration will know the real names of the players in each lobby. Any manipulation of the FAF accounts, suspicion of unfair play or violation of the rules will be punished.
  • Each player on the team must try to contribute to the victory, otherwise it can be counted as an intentional loss.

Scoring system:

  • Winning brings each team member 3 points.
  • Draw brings each team member 2 points.
  • Loss brings each team member 1 point.
  • The failure of one of the participants to the match brings each member of the team 0 points.

Prize places and prize fund:
Places are calculated from the accumulated number of points for participating in matches.

  • First place 13 $
  • Second place $ 8
  • Third place 5 $

Date: March 20, 2021 12:00 GMT

To participate in the tournament:

PM me in the discord (kite#4399) with your FAF nickname. This is necessary to preserve the conditions of the tournament. Without a registration message, you will not be admitted to the tournament.

There is a maximum ammount a of registration that equals to 12 players.

Player restrictions:

  • Rating limits can’t be higher than 1200 global,tmm or ladder.
  • Global games mustn’t go above 1000.

Link to the tournament:
The games will be broadcast on the following channels:

If you have any questions or suggestions and wish to cast the tournament, pls pm the TD in->discord kite#4399.

Анонимный турнир "Глухой архонт" подразумевает из себя битву 2 игрока против 2 игроков, но каждая команда будет иметь только 1 БМК.

Поздравляем победителей.
По итогам турнира были определены 3 победителя. Она набрала равное количество баллов - 15 баллов.
Игроки были согласны на разделение призового фонда поровну между всеми игроками.

  • DeafArchon3 (yshysh_killer)
  • DeafArchon11 (Tomruler)
  • DeafArchon12 (MadCat)

Главные условия турнира:

  • Запрещено использовать чат, метки с текстом и любые средства общения между игроками одной или разных команд.
  • Игроки не буду знать с кем играют в команде. В свою очередь игроки будут перемешиваться для создания новых команд каждую игру.
  • Только директор турнира и администрация FAF будет знать настоящие имена игроков в каждом лобби. Любые манипуляции с аккаунтом ФАФ, подозрения в нечестной игре или нарушения правил будут наказываться.
  • Каждый игрок команды должен стараться вносить вклад в победу, иначе это может быть рассмотрено как намеренный проигрыш.

Система набора очков:

  • Победа приносит каждому участнику команды 3 очка.
  • Ничья приносит каждому участнику команды 2 очка.
  • Поражение приносит каждому участнику команды 1 очко.
  • Неявка одного из участников на матч приносит каждому участнику команды 0 очков.

Призовые места и призовой фонд:
Места расчитываются из набранного количества очков за участия в матчах.

  • Первое место 1000 руб.
  • Второе место 600 руб.
  • Третье место 400 руб.

Дата проведения: 20 марта 2021 12:00 GMT

Для принятия участия в турнире:

  • Отписать мне в дискорде(kite#4399) с вашем ником в FAF. Это нужно для сохранения условия проведения турнира. Без сообщения о регистрации вы не будете допущены к турниру.

Количество мест для участников ограничено 12 игроками.

Ограничения игроков:

  • Не больше 1200 глобального рейтинга, ладдерного рейтинга и командного.
  • Не больше 1000 игр.

Ссылка на турнир:

Трансляция игр будет проходить на следующих каналах:


Если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы или предложения и вы хотите кастить турнир, пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной в дискорде kite#4399

Instructions for tournament participants

  1. Download 3 SIM mods from the library
  • Share army
  • Share army 2
  • Deaf Archon
  1. Follow the next set of instructions to go to the test server.
  • Log out of your account
  • Switch the server to the "Test Server" and log in with the login and password provided by the tournament administration. (Warning: sharing your account details with another user is PROHIBITED)
    Accounts will be issued to players 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.
  • Go to the chat section and write the following command: /join #Deaf_Archon
    -The tournament chat tab appeared at the top of the screen. Inform us of your arrival and your readiness to participate in the tournament. Also in this chat, we must indicate the results of your matches.
  1. The launch of the tournament matches takes place in the following stages.
  • The name of the lobby should be "DeafArchon" and the numbers of the Archons that participate in this match.
  • Check whether the selected SIM mods match the mods shown in the screenshot.
  • The map for the game will be generated by a special AI using the "Generate new map" button.
  • Click on it and set the appropriate parameters, as shown in the figure.
  • Map size for each round of the tournament
    1-st round: 5km
    2-nd round: 10km
    3-rd round: 5km
    4-th round: 10km
    5-th round: 5km
    6-th round: 20km
  1. Compliance with the rules. The game is played until your ACU is destroyed by the enemy. If you see or suspect foul play on the part of an ally or opponent, be sure to inform the tournament administration. Disclosure of your real names is also prohibited at the lobby creation level.

So this uses shared armies but you can't communicate with your teammate?

Also, how are you hiding the info about the players from the others?

@FemtoZetta for this tournament I was allocated 12 accounts on the test server for a trial tournament. only the director and FAF administrators will know who is playing under which account

@kite I have more then 1200 rating can i play?

Or will there be another follow up tourney possibly.
The idea of not knowing who is who is fun

@BIoodthirst So far, this is a trial tournament for intermediate and lower-middle-level players. If you like the format of the tournament and there is support from the community, the tournament will be held on an ongoing basis. Probably once a quarter

What’s the point in restricting in game chat but not voice chat?

Or rather, how would you stop people from using voice chat?

@FtXCommando anonymous accounts that are used to hide the real name of the player, in addition to everything in each new game you will have other opponents and a different person in the team

since teams are random, cheaters would often not even end up on the same team. When they are on the same team, they would get an advantage, but with 12 players, 2 cheaters means, from the cheater's POV, there is only a 1/11 chance they get matched to their fellow cheater, and a 2/11 chance that they are opposing their fellow cheater.

so for 9% of the games, the cheaters would get an advantage, and when they are against each other, they would have the ability to strategically throw games in favor of whichever cheater had a higher score, so that it's more likely one cheater wins the tourney.

This seems like it would be sufficient to discourage most cheating and contain the amount of damage that cheaters could do to the tournament.

If there were more than 2 cheaters working together, the advantage would be larger. But that also means a bigger number of people who could rat on you later.

oh ok I was confused until I saw the anonymous account thing. maybe add that to the OP?

@nine2 said in Tourney "Deaf Archon":

oh ok I was confused until I saw the anonymous account thing. maybe add that to the OP?

what do you mean by OP?

OP = opening post. I think you should edit the first post in this thread to include information that you are using an anonymous account - otherwise people won't understand

@nine2 edited in "anonymous tournament"

can you write with walls?

can you use yellow/blue/etc pings?
can you use text pings?

can you use marker pings that only say "x"

@nine2 The main conditions of the tournament:

  • It is forbidden to use chat, tags with text and any means of communication between players of the same or different teams.

@nine2 The wall is a game object, players can use it as they want.

@nine2 The main conditions of the tournament:

  • It is forbidden to use chat, tags with text and any means of communication between players of the same or different teams