why my new ryzen CPU is not seen as good CPU for FAF ?

I have AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.59 GHz and I am sometime kicked because of bad cpu.

what is the problem ?

the green bar for cpu is not at max level. is it normal ?

It should never be at max level lmao.
The lower the score the faster the CPU. Honestly it rather sounds like someone just kicked you from lobby and didn't change the kick message. 1st gen ryzens are already more than enough to play this game. I myself rock 2600 and don't remember being the one slowing down the game even once, not even when I was streaming or recording gameplay.

So no, your CPU shouldn't be a problem as long as it ain't faulty.

whats the cpu score you get


ok thanks I understand in fact I have the best CPU, I thought I need to have the higher CPU green bar it is the opposite 🙂 thanks a lot.