Vote to kick system

so i dont know if this is the right please to post this. but ive talked to ALOT of other players and they all agree with me that there should be an option for the HOST of the lobby to initiate a vote to kick process for ppl. suck as some one whos just being a prick in lobby. some one trying to teamkill or reclam other teamates buildings. or the main issues i have been encountering. laggy or realy bad connection issues. all of those i encounter quite a bit and it would be handy to have a host started vote to kick where if the majority of players in the lobby (more than 50%) vote yes. it ejects them from the game. i dont know if it is possable or if it is can i ask why it hasnt been added yet. or is it still in development

This post is deleted!

I think this is a good suggestion. Sometimes people die in teamgames and minimize the game and forget about it and then start to lag. They can even without intent completely render games unplayable. This option would allow for the players to rectify such situation without the need of moderator intervention.

If you find someone who will code it then we can talk about it. In the mean time you can pm a moderator with a screen shot. We will kick the player for you.