Aeon Nuke Launchers Fail to Launch Nukes

Hello, I have been experiencing this behavior for a while. The nuke launcher will open, it will make the alarm noise, it will sit there for a moment in firing position, and then retract. No nuke leaves the launcher and it repeats the behavior shortly afterwards. Essentially, Aeon are incapable of launching nukes.

I did a search and found nothing on the forum so either the search tool is poor or nobody has experienced this and reported anything. Sorian AI, of all other races, are capable of firing their nukes. It does this on any map, and really makes things too easy when the enemy is Aeon.

Mods I usually run are: BlackOps ACU Upgrades, Nvidia Fix, and 2x Resources.

Thanks for reading.

Obligatoru any mods installed?

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I'll add them to the original post. I figured I'd forget something important.

Hello OMFGcookiecrisp ,

We are aware of this "AI" bug, and we have already fixed it in the development version of FAF

To explain the github page a bit:

shalkya merged commit 060f8cd into FAForever:deploy/fafdevelop on 28 Dec 2020

This means we patched this fix to the FAFdevelop version end of december last year.

shalkya added this to the 3720 milestone on 28 Dec 2020

This means, you will have this patch in FAF release game version 3720

Works for me. Do you have a ballpark idea of when that patch will drop?

Its already merged (patched) to deploy/fafdevelop
You can select the FAF Develop version (game typ) over the FAF client.

There you can test it right now. šŸ™‚

I have no clue when this patch goes live in the normal FAF version.
(i always play the develop version)