Forged Alliance CD Version



I own Forged alliance CD version, I added the game to my steam library, but cannot link the account.

Do you really need the dematerialized Steam version to play?

Thank you.

sorry for the translation, i'm french.


Please refer to the faq.

Accordingly, it should be possible to redeem the key to have the game on steam.

What do you mean when you say that you added the game? Did you add it as a non-steam game? That wouldn't work.


yes i added the game as a non steam game.

Do you know how I can get a steam key?

I am looking in the FAQ but I have some difficulty finding. I keep looking.

thank you.


Just use your CD key to activate the product on steam, it will work.



There should be a code inside the FA CD box. If you put that into Steam it will recognise your FA and link it.


I finally managed to start the software and install the game on steam.
Thank you. If I have other questions I will get back to you!

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