I bought Forged Alliance, but not on Steam. Can I still play on FAF?


Case 1: You own a retail copy of Forged Alliance

According to GPGs last statement, you can use your CD key and redeem a licence on Steam.

If you have a gold edition (Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance in one) you have two CD keys, and from my personal experience each of them can be redeemed for a gold edition on Steam. (-> so you could give one cd key to a friend 😉 )

If you refuse to use Steam in general, then you can't play. (Read more why we require Steam here.)

Case 2: You bough the game on GOG.com

Sorry, we do not support licence checking on GOG. We are in contact with GOG to resolve this issue.


Now that GOG has GOG-Link functional, and is being used by (for example) humble-bundle
Could it be implemented for FAF?

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