Strange issue with custom hotkeys for bomber selection

FAF has these awesome customizable hotkeys, including one to select all bombers. One strange issue is that in my experience, if you have T1 and T3 bombers in the mix, pressing the hotkey will only select the T1 bombers. Only once you lose all T1 bombers can you select the T3 bombers.

So I remembered this cool old thread on how to build your own hotkeys, and I tried to fix the issue myself. Strangely though, the issue seems to persist even with different variations of the hotkey.

For example, I made one for testing purposes that in theory should select all bombers and all Moles (url0101):

'Select bombers & more'] = {
                    order = 37,
                    action = 'UI_SelectByCategory AIR STRATEGICBOMBER, AIR BOMBER, url0101',
                    category = 'Custom Keys'

But the same issue persists: if you have a Mole, a T1 bomber, and a T3 bomber, the hotkey will only select the Mole. If you destroy the Mole, the hotkey only selects the T1 bomber. If you destroy that too, then the hotkey selects the T3 bomber.

Does anyone know how to get the hotkey to select ALL bombers?

well i checked the categories and its working.

i used this to execute the Ui command:

ConExecute("UI_SelectByCategory AIR STRATEGICBOMBER, AIR BOMBER, url0101")

you can also open the ingame console and type:


I also edited the keyactions.lua line 142+

['select_air'] = {action = 'UI_SelectByCategory AIR STRATEGICBOMBER, AIR BOMBER, url0101',
        category = 'selection', order = 41,},

After this, when i press CTRL + A then i get this result:


Did you tried this without any mods ?

Thank you Uveso, great tip with the mods. I tested it and it turns out it has nothing to do with hotkeys. It's just how the selection works with the "Selection Deprioritizer" mod. Hope I can fix this, the mod is great otherwise.

Does anyone use the Selection Deprioritizer mod (not version 4.1) and not have this issue, or know how to fix it?

@treos i had the same issue and was finally able to find a rather easy fix. Selection deprioritzer use "exotic" units which are excluded from the selection. However, you can change which units are tagged as exotic in the file "SelectionDeprioritizerConfig.lua" whithin the mod.

e.g change the line:
"uea0304", -- Ambassador
to this
--"uea0304", -- Ambassador (so the whole line is now a comment and the change is easy to revert)
will untag the UEF strat bomber from your exotic units.

Your bomber hotkey and your select all air units hotkey will select UEF strat bombers now again.