Sacrificial SACU for Colossus

We has bug with calculationg total price for sacrificial...
If we oder sacu with another pereset(not RAS) from gate.
for my example my teamate give me sacu with ordered preset "Reactor refractor" and im has misstake order 2 sacu with Nano preset after im order additional 2 with preset RAS. for tp colossus im make all update RAS+TELEPORT+SACREFICIAL total we has 5 sacu with updates(RAS+TELEPORT+SACREFICIAL)
After i teleport its sacu to enemy base, and start build colossus and click Sacrifice on that, all sacu Sacrefice in collosus, after sacrefice colossus not end its has 83710 HP done...

check this out.
Not sure though if the numbers have changed
The main point is, that you need to build presets of sufficient value which all get the tele upgrade.
If you build SACU (whithout presets) and upgrade them later on with RAS and tele, it wont work or you need more of them.

Yeap i see but if we calculate total price of all upd and base sacu price...
I think we need correct formula. For example.
total_m = 1950
total_e = 100500
for upd in sacu.updates:
total_m += upd.price_m
total_e += upd.price_e
return total_m, total_e

  1. Sacrifice uses cost of the unit to calculate how much resources will be added
  2. different sacu presets count as separate units with different costs

Line between this being bug or feature here is really small
Tho cause there are multiple tutorials about this on youtube and it was featured in multiple casts i consider this being a feature.

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Nevermind the calculations, just remember 5 RAS (built from the gate, no manual upgrade) for a GC, that's all (and is it 7 or 8 for the CZAR ? )
numbers in the last row is the amount of ras sacus needed. need to round up to the next number ( if you need 7.75 sacus for CZAR still means that you need 8 or can use 7 but will need to build it for some time to finish it)

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