Is it easy to create coop maps/games?

I am playing with my 7 year old son and we lose a lot of coop games against AI. He is the type to enable cheats and spawn a Fatboy at the earliest sign of trouble.
We'd like to create a game where we have a lot of resources to start with and do basically a comp-stomp. Is map/campaign editing hard for SC/FA ? I see there are multiple map editors out there. Any one recommended for noobs?

Coop games require much more technical work than other stuff related to AI since you need to script missions etc.

You’re better off picking a map like Field of Isis or something and playing with some of the AI in the mod vault or default AI since your son probably will just be decently challenged by default AI.

There’s also survival missions which can have things like start-up time and difficulty in general adjusted in the lobby.

I agree with Ftx - editing a campaign / survival already requires:

  • Knowledge about how the map in question handles difficulty (via unit groups, or a combination)
  • Understanding of LUA syntax and the AI structure

You're free to edit Rainmakers Survival to your liking - there are already lobby settings (under 'advanced') in place to make it easier (more start up time, less units, less duration). And if that is not sufficient there are a few configuration files that interpret the options - you can edit those to your liking. Just make sure that you and your son have the same edited version or a desync will happen 🙂 .

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Not knowledgeable on making coop games, but as an easy alternative, the simplest option would probably be to install mods like 'nothing but time' or 'resources x2' which will give you a massive edge over any ai. Then while you're at it you may as well install mods like blackops or total mayhem which give more giant robots and unit types to play with.

I played isis with my 7 year old. I'd hold the choke point until he had t3 mexes and experimentals. He loved it. It was much better than cheats because now he is understanding a build order and the progression of power tech etc. Havent started on reclaim yet and he just can't spend all of his mass anyway

Luckily, someone has already done a lot of edits to mutiplayer maps to enhance the PVE experience,
You can find them by searching teamplay ai or teamplay_ai on the map vault.