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You are in the middle of a battle, but you want to reclaim a sweet mass at the front, click the Reclaim order, and if you have a idle nearest engineer, it will select it and you can send orders right now!

No unnecessary actions, no buttons to select the nearest engineer! Less action! Hooray Hooray Hooray

Search in vaults [Smart Reclaim]
Smart Reclaim

By hotkey for execute order "reclaim" we getting nearest idle engineers with prepared reclaim order


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This post is deleted!

07.02.2021 Mod is working, problem is fixed

The mod interfered with my key bindings while it was active.

"S" was no longer bound to "Stop."

I looked in the "orders" section and there 3 only 3 orders available, all from mods ("Reclaim," "Spread Move," and "Shift Spread Move")

That's supposed to be full of things like S = Stop, etc.

I can't take a screenshot with the key bindings window open and I'm too lazy to use my cell phone to take a screenshot.

However, when I turned off the mod, all of my key bindings were preserved. It didn't break my key bindings. (It is just in general a good idea to back up your game prefs file, though)

I can't get the issue... like I'm doing the same as spread move, but I'm overwriting the default order for reclaim. Maybe in vaults is old wrong version. Try to download it from link