Smart Reclaim I [UI]

  • Do you have a small apm?
  • You don't have time to memorize hotkeys?
  • Tired of binding uncomfortable keys to select the nearest engineer?
  • Are you jealous of quick hands of others?

Rejoice, Eternity itself has descended on your Earth and has come with a gift.

You are the first to use one of the first divine modifications of my art.

I present to you the Super Hyper Bomb Smart Reclaim mod

  • Are you already eager to know the secret?
  • Are you eager to learn how it works?

I'll tell you!


You are in the middle of a battle, but you want to reclaim a sweet mass at the front, click the Reclaim order, and if you have a idle nearest engineer, it will select it and you can send orders right now!

No unnecessary actions, no buttons to select the nearest engineer! Less action! Hooray Hooray Hooray

Look for a mod in Vaults [Smart Reclaim]



This post is deleted!